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We are experts in frozen pastry.

We have a flexible and efficient tool that respects pastry know-how.

Our technical and quality pastry expertise has developed thanks to our partnerships.
We make pastries for the greatest number but also more limited quantities with meticulous top-of-the-range finishes.

With the Macaronade de Castel, it is the guarantee of pastry expertise for the benefit of taste.

Pastry expertise for the benefit of Taste

Delicious ganache recipe (secret)
California Almonds
  • The fillings, ganaches, fruit preparations and butter creams are made by us.
  • The grinding of our almonds is carried out in our workshop for a better control of the freshness and to guarantee an optimal organoleptic quality of our macarons.
  • The almonds are selected and subjected to a controlled and thorough purchasing process with strict validation of the specifications from our suppliers.
  • Natural flavouring & Colours of natural origin.
  • Rainforest Allicance Certified Cocoa. For more information, visit the Rainforest Alliance website.
Almonds from California
Pastry whisk
Eggs for frozen macarons
Sugar spoon

Technical expertise for the benefit of product consistency

  • Our production tool is reliable and efficient.
  • We have a production capacity of hundreds of thousands of macarons per day.
  • We have designed our own dosing tool for a result that is both regular and worthy of the greatest pastry houses.
  • We use slow and gentle cooking thanks to specific ovens and temperature settings.
  • We monitor the control of the right moisture transfer between fillings and shells for an optimal texture.

All these steps allow us to offer regular macarons, while letting them express their "true nature", like at the neighborhood pastry chef.

Dosing step
Macaron shells straight out of the oven
Regularity of macarons
Regularity but true nature

Research and development expertise

Frozen or thawed macarons for sale
The macaron production site in France
  • Our recipes are available for sale: in the frozen section and in the defrosted bakery-pastry section.
  • Over the years, we have strengthened our teams, particularly in R&D for product development.
  • It is the guarantee of a DLC after defrosting of D+10 days and D+30 days.
  • Since 2010, our offer has been extended to festive savory macarons: salmon and block of foie gras.
  • 2021 allowed the development of 2 new flavors: strawberry and banana.
rolling pin whisk hot
For export, all our macaroon recipes meet the specific requirements of many foreign countries including the US.
Packaging and sustainable development
  • Over the years, we have strengthened our teams, particularly in R&D for packaging development.
  • We offer various packaging formats: box by 6, box by 12, tray by 36 or by 144...
  • In 2021 we developed a new packaging.
Recyclable packaging
Look at our 2 frozen pastry specialties
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  • Collective catering
  • Commercial catering
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  • Worldwide partnerships

Sell adapted offers : from Japan to the United States, passing through Europe of course, we have the ambition to share our culinary expertise through this small round cake, icon of delicacy and french "joie de vivre"

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