A locally established manufacturer.

We are proud to have our roots in our workshops in Castelsarrasin, in Tarn-et-Garonne French department, south of France. Our site have been producing frozen pastry for more than 35 years.

Our history is rich with inspiring collaborations and committed teams, for the benefit of truly French pastry products, such as the macaron. We are offering more than 25 different flavors.

Thanks to our recent investments in teams, in methods and in our production tools, we are definitely oriented towards the future to make "this little piece of France" known all around the world.

180+ Enthousiast employees
35+ Pastry expertise
20+ Macaron creator for years
D+10 / D+30 Use-by date after defrosting
400 000+ Macarons per day
25+ Macaron flavors, more to come
28+ Destination countries
BRC & IFS Highest food certifications

French manufacturing of our pastries

Our production site is located in Castelsarrasin, Tarn-et-Garonne, in the Occitania region in the south of France.

Pastry rolling pin whisk

Creator of pastries for more than 35 years

In each period, unique partnerships and best sellers.

The exciting story of a growing pastry company

Funded in France


Our origins

Creation of the Moulin de Jabert Restaurant in Castelsarrasin.


Creation of frozen activities

Creation of a building dedicated to the production of its frozen specialties, on the banks of the canal, in the Barraouet area.


Partnership with BELIN

Association with the BELIN company.
Construction of a new production tool in order to meet growing customer demand.


The adventure with the LENÔTRE house

May 21th, 1987

Signature of the partnership between BELIN and the famous Parisian caterer and pastry chef Gaston LENÔTRE, symbol of quality and French gastronomy.

Henri Talazka, CEO of BELIN and Gaston Lenôtre, founder of the famous house LENÔTRE, during the signing in Castelsarrasin

Creation, with the support of the LENÔTRE teams, of the famous "Plaisir aux Noix", Lenôtre recipe.

Development of the tant pour tant technique: mixture of stiffly beaten egg whites, almonds and sugar.

Still available in the frozen aisles of supermarkets, Plaisir aux Noix has convinced hundreds of thousands of consumers and has been available in several flavors.


Birth of the macaron

10 million euros invested in the manufacture of macaroons and sweets.

Manufacture of the first assortment of macarons in the frozen section with 4 flavors of macaron (chocolate, lemon, raspberry and pistachio).


Arrival of macarons in bakery shelves

Deployment of macaron expertise in the Bakery and Pastry department.

Our Story

The adventure with LABEYRIE

The Castelsarrasin entity joins the LABEYRIE group.

The company will be called LABEYRIE TRAITEUR SURGELÉS and will strive to develop the macaroons activity in all departments.

Macarons Labeyrie

Creation of the "Macaron Bar"®

Creation of the "Bar à Macarons"® concept: a UNIQUE concept of assisted sale of macaroons in supermarkets and hypermarkets, where the consumer can compose his assortment according to his tastes and his needs, as at his pastry chef.


Adventure with Ajinomoto

A new era with the AJINOMOTO group, a Japanese agri-food company offering frozen specialties, and in particular a wide range of pastries for major foodservice players.

Specializing in desserts to share or individual, the Ajinomoto company manufactures in Japan more than 4,500 tons of pastries per year for major local and international food service players, out of more than 100 references.

The Ajinomoto group, wishing to expand its expertise and its pastry offer with emblematic local products, naturally elected the macaron as the ideal candidate for the European and global market.

Iconic product of French pastry and known all over the world, the macaron is available on all markets, and proudly symbolizes the French way of life.

The Castelsarrasin site can thus count on a solid group, with a desire to deploy activities over the long term.

To support the deployment of the Macaronade de Castel, the Ajinomoto group has notably invested >5 M€ in production capacity, teams (152 to 195) and methods (secret!).

Structure of our Group

La Macaronade de Castel is part of Ajinomoto Foods Europe, frozen division.

Ajinomoto Foods Europe (AFE) offers French and Japanese specialties, around 3 main activities.

Hot Japanese Specialties
Ajinomoto Frozen Food >

Japan's Nr 1 Gyoza Brand

Ajinomoto has been Japan's taste expert since 1909. Ajinomoto in Europe intends to introduce its hot Japanese specialties to Europeans, both to catering professionals and to consumers: gyoza, ramen etc.

Supermarkets and Specialized Networks.
All over Europe.

Macarons & Dacquoise Specialties
Macaronade de Castel >

Specialist in macarons

Macaronade de Castel is your trusted French pastry partner and perpetuates the professional know-how to offer pastries with the main watchword: taste!

Whole world.

Appetizers Specialties
Dedicated brands

Puff pastries specialist

Major leading brands on the French market trusted us to offer specific ranges of "petits fours" appetizers in frozen shelves of French Retail.

Mass distribution and Specialized Networks.
All over Europe.

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  • Bakery professionals
  • Frozen shelves
  • Bakery & pastry
  • Cash and carry
  • Collective catering
  • Commercial catering
  • Restaurants/Hotels
  • Alternative sales channels
  • Worldwide partnerships

Sell adapted offers : from Japan to the United States, passing through Europe of course, we have the ambition to share our culinary expertise through this small round cake, icon of delicacy and french "joie de vivre"

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