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Our commitments for excellence in frozen pastry.

Your trusted manufacturer and partner

The quality of our products and respect for pastry know-how are at the heart of our product development.

Our Castelsarrasin workshop has high-level certifications: IFS higher level and BRC, renewed each year after meticulous audits.

Rigorous selection of all our raw materials thanks to a controlled purchasing process that meets strict specifications.

Continuous improvement at the heart of our development

Visual optimization project for macaron shells, duration of 8 months in 2020
  • We work every day to optimize our production tools and innovate.
  • Our employees are mobilized and dedicated in each department.
  • Our ranges best meet the requirements of our customers and market trends.
  • Colours of natural origin
  • Continuous clean labeling of our recipes.
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa. For more information, visit the Rainforest Alliance website.
Pauline Daure, R&D Manager

“Arrived in 2010 as Project Manager, I was able to evolve within our R&D department at the Castelsarrasin site. I remember being impressed when I arrived by the know how of the pastry chefs who carried out many of the manufacturing steps by hand.”

Hélène Boutal, Continuous Improvement Manager

“Developing products is important, improving their production is just as important! We work daily on areas for improvement. Our goal is to have productions that are as stable as possible and to always seek to improve them.”

Being closer to the consumer

Regular studies of market trends

Regular studies of consumer expectations

In France and abroad

The largest macarons* study ever carried out in France was conducted blind with experts and consumers in order to precisely determine the characteristics of macarons expected by the consumer in terms of taste, texture and visual appearance.

*Source: Macaron study conducted by BLUE PANEL - 2nd half of 2018 - Conducted with 200 consumers/flavour

Ideal structure of a macaron

The “collerette”

The shell
crunchy and soft

The diameter
not too big
not too small

The "garniture" or "topping"
the right balance of tastes, visible to the edge

A perfect balance between chocolate and almond powder

Our chocolate macaron rated as best macaron on the market

Our chocolate macaron was acclaimed as the most satisfying among 8 other chocolate macarons on the market, from specialist shops, bakery restaurants and other macaron suppliers.

Nr 1

Top rated

Our chocolate macaron was ranked 1st with an overall score of 7.3/10.


*Source: macaron study conducted by BLUE PANEL - 2nd semester 2018 - Conducted with 200 consumers/flavour

We have applied the key success factors to all of our recipes to obtain the best possible macaroons for consumers.

Perfect knowledge of foreign markets

Europe map
  • For the export markets, our marketing departments also carry out regular studies on the main European markets: England, Spain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands*...
  • Understanding consumer expectations
  • Identify purchasing motivations and flavor preferences
  • This knowledge of the markets is there to support you in the best definition of your product offer.

Our Consumer Service is the final key player in our customer relationship.

Our quality department is mobilized for customer questions.

*Source: IPSOS study, May 2020, 900 consumers

Support for your projects

Personalized support for a trusting and lasting business relationship.

  • Sales teams dedicated to each customer and distribution network.
  • Multilingual contacts for appropriate commercial and logistical solutions.
  • A service rate of 94.9%* in 2021 for our macaroons and dacquoise references.
  • Macarons shipped to 28 countries worldwide.
  • Supporting our clients in ambitious and committed projects.

*Source: Service rate, year 2021, internal source: number of packages ordered / number of packages delivered from January 1st to December 31th, 2021, Castelsarrasin site

International exports
Multilingual sales teams
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  • Bakery professionals
  • Frozen shelves
  • Bakery & pastry
  • Cash and carry
  • Collective catering
  • Commercial catering
  • Restaurants/Hotels
  • Alternative sales channels
  • Worldwide partnerships

Sell adapted offers : from Japan to the United States, passing through Europe of course, we have the ambition to share our culinary expertise through this small round cake, icon of delicacy and french "joie de vivre"

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