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We accompany the professionals of the large-scale distribution both in the frozen section and in the bakery-pastry section of hypermarkets. We also work with out-of-home catering networks: wholesalers, cash & carry, bakery chains ....

You too, grow in business and sell our pastry products around the world!

Our macarons are exported to more than 28 countries.

The trusted French pastry partner of professionals

Made in France*

Our food certifications and commitments

IFS Food certified workshop, ensuring a high level of quality and safety of our products (COID 7135)

Eggs from free-range chickens

Almonds from California, USA

Macarons without palm oil

BRCGS certified workshop, a standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) for food safety (site code 3467501)

Use of only natural dyes

Use only natural flavors

Cocoa from farmers engaged with the Rainforest Alliance, on demand. Cocoa: For more information, visit

Our frozen pastry distribution networks in France and abroad

As a historical pastry supplier, we are fortunate to work with supermarkets and pastry professionals.

  • In mass distribution supermarkets, our products can be found in the frozen section and in the Bakery and Pastry section in two separate locations: leader in assisted sales with "Le Bar à Macarons" and in self-service.
  • In Out-of-Home Sales, the distribution of our frozen pastry products is carried out directly or with partnerships.

We export our pastries in France and internationally through partnerships with major players.

We distribute our products under our own brands, with reserved brands or with the brands of our customers.

Our diversity of customers allows us to be attentive to the trends and expectations of each network to meet your specificities: format, packaging, flavors, packaging...

Frozen pastry in supermarkets
Frozen pastries in Bakery & Pastry, cash&carry...

Distribution networks


Frozen shelves

Bakery departments


In-store help sales


Cash & Carry

Bakery chains, restaurants...


Range diversity

We are committed to proposing offers adapted to the network and the distribution radius.

Our sales team is available to provide you with our expertise in order to co-develop the product that meets your needs.

Examples of packagings

Several levels of product ranges

Classic or premium boxes

Several product ranges in frozen pastry

Packaging to celebrate a place

Here a display unit in the shape of the Eiffel Tower.

Frozen pastry example of Eiffel Tower packaging

Offers adapted to each year moment

Christmas, Easter, Halloween…

Frozen pastry product ranges adapted to year moments

Packages for assisted sales

An assisted sale of macarons in supermarkets "Le Bar à Macarons"®, with packages of 144 or 72 macarons.

Packagings for assisted sales in frozen pastry

Different packagings in product quantity

Different formats: from 6 to 36 macarons, up to the x144 tray...

Frozen pastry packagings with different product quantity

Ready-to-sell packages

Ready-to-sell packages adapted to your constraints.

Ready to sell packages for frozen pastry

Our pastries are perfect for business

For a dessert, to compose a gourmet coffee, for a refined gourmet break or for a special occasion, macarons are for all occasions.

Discover in detail our support by sector.

Mass retail

If you are a French or European retailer, or even without worldwide foodprint, macaroon is essential pastry for your assortment in frozen pastry section. For permanent listing or just for special event, frozen macarons of Macaronade de Castel will enhance your image and delight your customers.

A must in French pastry, the macaron can be found on all the great tables: your consumer will be happy to discover new flavors, or to rediscover essentials such as our famous chocolate macaron!

All our teams will be involved to arange a tailor-made assortment for your own brand, or in white label, with a wide choice of packaging format. With more than 20 years of expertise in macarons, Macaronade de Castel is a trusted partner, with its manufacturing workshops in France, in Castelsarrasin. Our sales, quality or logistics department will be able to support you in any of your macarons projects.

Bakery professionals

Are you a professional in frozen pastry or a wholesaler in the sector?
If you are addressing traditional bakery-pastry networks, chained networks, or cooking terminals: consider choosing La Macaronade de Castel for your frozen macarons offer.

It is the guarantee of taste and also of a trusted partner, benefiting from real expertise.

Packagings are adapted, and we proposed a wide choice of flavors: it will allow you to adapt according to different types of configurations, regional for example.

Because it is sometimes difficult for traditional networks to find the skills required to bake such « technical » product, we recommend to choose our frozen macarons. Their level of quality will meet your expectations.

Frozen food specialists

If you are specialized frozen retailer or proposing unique food concept, please take few minutes to discover our frozen macarons!
For permanent listing, or as a one-off, for Christmas for example, you can choose the offer strategy that best suits your stores network and format.

We offer diverse packagings: trays by 6, by 12, by 18, by 24, by 36 macaroons… or in premium boxes.
Our Research and Development teams can also co-create with you specific macaron offers for your own brand.

La Macaronade de Castel, with its know-how and expertise of more than 20 years in manufacturing macarons, will be able to adapt to your needs. Thanks to a very wide range of flavors, classic or refined, you will enhance your image with a fashionable product.

Boul-Pat department

Macarons from Macaronade de Castel are very well adapted for your defrost or fresh pastry section in store: they will bring additional sales and a qualitative image to your shops.
Stored in your freezers and always available, they are perfect to adapt with attendance over the week and year.

Whether in single-flavor boxes to be recomposed by your store teams, or already packed in boxes ready to defrost, many options are possible for the ready-to-sell self-service space. If you already have an assisted sales section with a salesperson, our Macarons Bar concept is made for you! You will be able to recreate the experience like in a premium boutique, where the customer can choose the number of macarons they want and their favorite flavors.

A wide choice of flavors, which can be adjusted according to the seasons, will guarantee renewed purchases and satisfied consumers. The whole Macaronade de Castel team has thought of the practical and detailed aspects on the shelves to ensure easier daily management. Contact our sales teams to learn more!

Hotels - Restaurants / Caterers

Your customers are caterers, restaurateurs, organizers of events such as banquets, weddings, cocktails: our frozen or thawed macarons are essential for your sweets offer.

Offered permanently or for festive periods, or a pyramid of macarons at a wedding: it adapts to all services. Classic flavors or original flavors, we even offer savory macarons for the aperitif.

You are a buyer for a restaurant chain? Thanks to an easy storage in the freezer and a simple implementation, our macarons will renew your gourmet coffee or your dessert menu. The macaron will enhance your menu and the image of your brand.

Collective catering

Are you a professional in collective, commercial, airline catering… Do you want to renew the experience of the menus served to your customers?

Thanks to their frozen storage and fast defrosting, our frozen macarons are easy to use and even easier to serve. They perfectly suits your menus and platters. Nothing to do, just enjoy the pleasure of taste!

Only one flavor interests you? We offer single-flavor packages from our 25 available flavors. Our technical expertise allows us to make regular macarons, while letting them express their "true nature", like at the neighborhood traditionnal pastry store.

Our logistics expertise and the involvement of our sales teams highlight an optimal level of service and renewed trust from our customers.

See our 2 frozen pastry specialties in details
  • Mass retail
  • Bakery professionals
  • Frozen shelves
  • Bakery & pastry
  • Cash and carry
  • Collective catering
  • Commercial catering
  • Restaurants/Hotels
  • Alternative sales channels
  • Worldwide partnerships

Sell adapted offers : from Japan to the United States, passing through Europe of course, we have the ambition to share our culinary expertise through this small round cake, icon of delicacy and french "joie de vivre"

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