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Specialist in frozen pastry, our manufacturing site has been based in France, in Castelsarrasin for more than 35 years. Every year, our macaron factory produces hundreds of millions of wonderful and tasty macarons for many professional distribution channels around the world!

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Key numbers of macarons

Expert supplier of high quality frozen macarons, we proudly manufacture them in Castelsarrasin, in the south of France.

180+ Enthousiast employees
20+ Macaron creator for years
IFS & BRC Higher level certifications
400 000+ Macarons per day
25+ Macaron flavors, more to come
28+ Destination countries
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Made in France*

*from California almonds // Cocoa: For more information, visit
Macaronade de Castel, it is:

More than 35 years of “savoir-faire” in good pastry

We are constantly innovating.
Chocolate pear
Macaronade de Castel, it is:

2 frozen finest pastry specialties with a unique taste

Mastery of the techniques of macaronage


Thanks to our expertise and passionate teams, our frozen macaroons can be eaten up to 10 days or even 30 days after defrosting to share our love of taste.

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Dacquoises are made since 1987: date of the partnership with the LENÔTRE house with the birth of the walnut entremet named “Pleasure” from a LENÔTRE recipe.

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Delicious and acclaimed macarons with more than 25 flavors, for commercial distribution all over the world

Macaron range

Since 1987 and the creation of "the Plaisir aux Noix" Recette Lenôtre, we have mastered a unique technique for making dacquoises.

Dacquoise range
The expert supplier of frozen macarons

Macaronade de Castel is expert in supplying high quality frozen macarons.
Specialist producer in frozen pastry for more than 35 years, our manufacturing site is based in France, in Castelsarrasin, not far from Toulouse.
Committed to quality raw materials, our almonds are rigorously selected and ground in our own workshops.

25 flavors of macarons for all distribution channels

We produce and offer a wide range of 25 flavors of macaroons, which can be sold in the frozen department of supermarkets, but also in the defrost or fresh section of hypermarkets, or even in out-of-home catering networks (bakery chains, restaurants, wholesalers, cash&carry etc).
Our macaroons can be eaten up to 10 days, and for some even 30 days after defrosting.

We export our macaroons all over the world

From Japan to the United States, on top of Europe of course, we have the ambition to share our culinary expertise and our passion for taste through this little round cake, an icon of indulgence and joie de vivre in France.
From chocolate to strawberry, passing by the foie gras block one, we adapt and we support you to propose an offer and an assortment adapted to your own customers.

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  • Mass retail
  • Bakery professionals
  • Frozen shelves
  • Bakery & pastry
  • Cash and carry
  • Collective catering
  • Commercial catering
  • Restaurants/Hotels
  • Alternative sales channels
  • Worldwide partnerships

Sell adapted offers : from Japan to the United States, passing through Europe of course, we have the ambition to share our culinary expertise through this small round cake, icon of delicacy and french "joie de vivre"

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